Gabriela Ackerman

I followed my inner call. I have been interested in people since I can remember. I have synergistically perceived energy in the form of bright light and bright frequencies since early childhood. At the age of 5, for the first time, I deliberately asked myself what life energy is and how human beings could use and understand more of this life energie. I think I found the answer after a long way for me or at least I have learned a lot about it. I put all my knowledge and my decades of experience at your disposal . I love people and have dedicated my whole life to the subject of human, body, soul, mind, healing and voice.

I studied singing in Basel and Zurich, later in Vienna. I also have diplomas for applied voice physiology (Lichtenberger Institute Germany), as medical MPA, as a teacher (teacher), as a psychological body therapist (body psychotherapy in biosynthesis) and as a body-oriented trauma Therapist (SE).

I learned a lot about body perception in countless hours. For this I was lucky enough to have learned directly from the founders of a method. This concerns the practical voice physiology, SE, biosynthesis, Biodynamik, Pilates (last direct pupil), Fascienwork. A course lead about sound and healing and the  deep friendship and exchange with Dr. Peter Levine also enriches my life in a wonderful way.

After many years I developed a new concept with the model and the method “The Human Key ©”. This model works with a different use of the two older brain areas and the associated emotional intelligence versus the instinctive body intelligence for the inner truth and the inner knowledge. The focus of the oldest brainarea, the vegetative nervous system and the nervous vagus in the brainstem combined with voice in the same brainarea are my key for new very efficient ways.

I am an experienced expert in the function of vocal tone, bio-psychological body language, body and character typology, trauma, panic, stress and anxiety symptoms. With my rentable BALI-HAUS in Switzerland, with the help of wonderful people I created my own world as an inspiring oasis for health, art, medicine and beauty.

30 years of experience

+80.000 hours of education, further education in voice, psychology, bodywork, cohaerence


1997-2000: Diploma as Practitioner in Somatic Experience (Trauma Therapy) after and with Dr. med. Peter Levine USA) at the Polarity Institute in Zurich.
1993-1997: Diploma in Biosynthesis, Supervision and Assistance in Psychological Body Therapy (Body Psychotherapy, Bioenergetics) after and at Drs. D. and S. Boadella, Heiden.
Continuing education through supervision and intervision in character structures with Bernhard Maul.
1990 -1993: Diploma vocal pedagogue for applied vocal physiology, Lichtenberger model according to Gisela Rohmert at the Institute of Applied Voice Physiology (in cooperation with Darmstadt University of Technology).
1984-1986: Diploma as MTA (medical technical assistant) at Medecol Liestal.
1973-1977: Diploma as a teacher at the cantonal teacher training college in Solothurn.
1985-1990 singing study song and oratorio SMPV Basel. Singing with Silvia Gähwiller, Zurich. Further education opera singing Academy of Music Vienna with Junko Nakada and chamber singer Rössl Majdan. Continuing education new opera school Zurich. Master classes.

My profession is a deep call: I love to find the best solution



Psychology: Systemic Therapy after and by Bert Hellinger.
Mental: Hypnotherapy after M. Ericson, dr. Duffner, Bad Krotzingen. More
Zen Meditation, Dr. med. Th. Duffner, Germany.
Psychology: Pre- and perinatal traumas and shocks in adults and babies ( by Dr. Urs Honauer and Rivkha Kandalkahar.
Body Therapy: Alexander Technique by Julia Bolters, USA. Student of the last pupil of Alexander. More
Body Therapy: 7 years of intensive self-experience in Feldenkrais.
Body and psychotherapy: Founder of Biodymamik after and by Gerda Boyesen. Biodynamics
Body and Psychotherapy: Bioenergetics after and at Ebba Boyesen.
Spiritual therapy with the healer at Pamela Sommer.
Body and mind: Thai Chi, Qi Gong with different teachers. Exercises here
Body and Music: Diverse Courses with John Buttrick, Movement Therapist and Pianist, USA. Last direct student of Pilates.
Further education 25 years in applied vocal physiology, Lichtenberger model according to Gisela Rohmert at the Institute of Applied Voice Physiology.
Acting and directing: Minor subject at the Solothurn teacher training college. In addition, 3 years acting class with H. Pietz Solothurn.
2 years project work with the director A. Sieling Hamburg.
Competitive sport: 6 years in show jumping with Willi Melliger, multiple medal winner.

Common sense, magic and indigenous people – Bali: Decades of experience in nature rituals, nature religions, healing impulses through the encounter with the people of Bali.
…. Sometimes we learn very simple about deep encounters with other people without any diploma: “BALI taught me the unity of life without separation, showed me the magic of presence, the connections between nature and the universe, I learned the deepest basic trust and unbelievable Touching mindfulness for life at all The meeting with the people of Bali changed my life more and more, I learned the power, the magic and the deep basic trust in the universe, the animals, the rainforest and the life in general, gratitude to a great life , a gift that is so big that we can not believe it.

THANK YOU TO BALI and to my second family

I explored a deep understanding of nature, humanity, nature religion, rituals full of magic energy, trust in life, a magic spirit and a deep thankfullness for life




Currently: Founder of the method The Human Key ©. Coach, trainer, therapist. Opera singer in the combination of music and health.

Since 2016: author of articles (Brigitte Schweiz) and since 2018 author.
1991 until today: coach, therapist, trainer and vocal pedagogue around the topic voice, psyche, body and human. Activity in Zurich, in the doctor’s office Dr. med. Fritschi in Pfeffingen BL, in the doctor’s office Dr. med. Ott in Frenkendorf. Today in Hochwald, S0, in Zurich and in Bali.
Seminar leader in many European countries with the subject voice sound: sound soul and soul sound. Often in cooperation with Michael Blume, lecturer at the drama school Zurich. / Joint course management with Dr. Ing. Peter Levine at the Polarity Center in Zurich: Sound and healing. / Seminar Leadership at the Congress of Body Psychotherapy in Basel.
Since 2008: Building DOGMAFREE.
Since 2012 development with the partner Helmut Borer of the Coherence Center COACHING SWITZERLAND in the BALI-HAUS as living, working and rentable location.
1987-1991 concert activity primarily as an oratorio and lieder singer in CH / D / A.
2003-2018 Concert as a freelance opera singer with own programs and the relation to inner life force over music and health.
1984-1989: Construction and assistance in the doctor’s office of the ex-husband.
1977-1984: Primary teacher, President of the Kt. SO, co-construction of the first drug prophylaxis team Kt. SO.